Instructions for Oral Presenters

There will be a 15 minute time slot for each oral presentation in parallel sessions. Each presentation should be no longer than 13 minutes, allowing 3-min for discussion and changing presenters. Please make sure your presentation stays within the given time frame! The chairs of each session will be asked to keep a strict time in order to allow the audience to switch rooms between sessions.
▪ Keynote talks comprise 45 min.
▪ The conference rooms are equipped with a Windows computer for PowerPoint Presentations and a pointer. You are not recommended to use your own computers.
▪ There will be no macOS based computers. Please make sure that your PowerPoint presentation could be running on the Windows computer.
▪ All PowerPoint slides should preferably be in the 16:9 format instead of 4:3.
▪ To minimize potential incompatibilities between software versions, we recommend limited use of animation, use of common Windows fonts for text and symbol fonts for equations.


▪ Please bring your memory stick directly to the session room in which you will give your presentation, and hand it to the staff that will be in the room.
▪ We suggest you arriving in your session room at least 20 minutes prior to the scheduled start of your session. This will give you time to get your presentation uploaded, get acquainted with your session chair and become familiar with the equipment in your session room.​

Instructions for ZOOM Presenters


On the day of the zoom recording session, please make sure you are ready:
Quiet Environment: Please make sure that the room you are using is quiet (avoid disturbances such as phones ringing, dogs barking etc.) and try to ensure no one will interrupt you while you are recording.
Neutral background: Make sure to sit in front of a neutral background (white, uniformly colored wall, or similar, avoid bright backlight such as a window). Please do not use artificial background features.
Presentation Open: Please have your PowerPoint presentation open on your laptop/PC.
Join the Recording Session: At the time of your session recording, you are invited to enter the Zoom link that was sent to you, and meet a technician (virtually) who will guide you through the recording of your presentation.

Instructions for Posters

▪ Size of your poster
Each poster presentation will be allocated one display board. The dimensions of the poster should be about A1 size, portrait format.

▪ Putting up and taking down
Please put up and remove your poster at scheduled time. The details will be informed participants one month before conference.

▪ Locating your poster board
Posters will be allocated to the Session submitted and will have an individual ID Number. The Boards will have headings according to the Sessions and will be numbered and labelled with your ID.

▪ Attending your poster
Authors are expected to attend their poster at the scheduled time slot. Please consult the conference program for the relevant poster sessions.

▪ Mounting your poster on the poster board
Appropriate materials for mounting the posters to the display boars will be supplied by the organizers.